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爱尚置业与澳大利亚著名建筑设计师和大品牌开发商如Lend Lease、Mirvac 、 Meriton、Frasers、Crown Group、Country Garden ,以及知名房产代理机构Colliers International、Ray white、McGrath等建立长期战略联盟关系,确保为客户提供源源不断的优质的房源和项目投资机会。


此外,爱尚置业还帮助海外客户办理澳大利亚投资移民和留学等相关业务, 帮助客户选择、联系有经验、信誉好的持牌移民顾问,为客户设计最合适的移民、留学方案。多年来,已经成功地为澳大利亚引进了不少优秀的企业家,并帮助他们在澳成功投资和安居乐业,以及帮助许多学生来澳深造。


爱尚置业精心服务客户,爱心回报社会。 长期以来坚持为中国新移民客户举办有关澳大利亚税务、法律、贷款等知识讲座, 组织参观美术馆并提供艺术导览,组织酒庄品酒游等活动,帮助他们更快融入当地社会。并且积极支持各类社区服务工作和社会公益活动。爱尚置业以实际行动和显著业绩感恩时代,奉献社会。


Aushine Property Solution


Aushine Property is a real estate & property investment company offering integrated services including project development, sales and rental management. Based in Sydney, the commercial and financial hub of Australia, we are also able to leverage our extensive network of sales representatives and partners in major cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and Xiamen.

A licensed real estate agency approved by the Australian government,  the investment consultants at Aushine Property are fully accredited to offer quality services to the clients.  Real estate sales are part and parcel of Aushine Property’s business.  With a focus in Sydney, we sell a variety of properties across Australia ranging from boutique apartments, off-the-plans units to existing houses and top-end luxurious waterfront manors. In recent years, our portfolio has grown to include farms, pastures, wine estates to meet the diverse demands of rapidly expanding clients base.


Equipped with appropriate real estate licenses, our experienced investment consultants are passionate about offering a wide range of financial planning and investment advisory tailored to the individual needs of clients both in China and Australia.  Our qualifications and expertise in real estate management also enable us to provide excellent one-stop services including leasing, management and sales, particularly of interest to the overseas investors.


Over the years, we have developed extensive cooperation and long term strategic partnerships with many Australian leading architects and brand-name developers including Lend Lease, Mirvac, Meriton, Frasers, Crown Group, Country Gardens, as well as esteemed real estate agencies such as Colliers International, Ray While, McGrath.  These relationships have substantially enhanced our abilities to give our clients consistent access and wider choices to quality properties and project investment opportunities.

Aushine Property has also expanded our referral business in assisting overseas investors to study and migrate to Australia.  With full understanding of our clients’ needs, we can help connect them with reputable licensed migration lawyers and agents and design desirable study and migration solutions customized to their specific circumstances.  We take pride in having introduced numerous outstanding entrepreneurs and business talents as well as international students into Australia, facilitating their study, settlement and investment in the local community.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Aushine Property not only care for our customers but also care for our community.  Through a diverse range of social initiatives, such as organising free seminars for new migrants on topics including tax, law and mortgages, activities on arts appreciation, wine tasting, health care, we have contributed in aiding them to better and quicker settle into Australian community.  Well recognized by the social and business circles both in China and Australia, Aushine Property is proud of our achievements in supporting various economic, trade and cultural exchange events between our two nations and looking forward to working with you into a brighter future.

Aushine, we help you shine!


















爱尚置业创办人、首席投资顾问卢哲文(Tony)多次接受中国中央电视台财经频道及其他中国媒体的专访,为中国的投资者分析澳大利亚房产市场现状和未来趋势, 并为中国投资者提供各种有效的投资建议。










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