目前,每家肉类加工厂都会从中国接到平均每周超过200次关于肉类产品的询问,然而都是徒劳无功的。 因为澳洲的牛肉与羊肉厂家目前已经建立了相当牢固的销售网,他们对中国买家还存在着质疑。因为现在是卖家市场了!

On average Australian meat producers receive about 200 enquires a week from Chinese buyers seeking to purchases their products, most of these enquires lead to nowhere. As Australian Beef and Lamb manufacturers have an established customer base which more and more difficult to break into, while some manufacturers carry a level mistrust in Chinese buyers. It's a sellers’ market!


We at Scottwell International strive and succeed as your link to Australian Beef and Lamb manufactures, by leveraging our close, friendly, long-standing, and ongoing relationship with our clients and contacts within the Australian meat industry we are able to get your company past the hardest due diligence/getting to know each other stage. We are able to facilitate factory tours and meetings with top level factory management, so your companies representatives will be speaking to and meeting with important people within the manufacturing company not just low level sales staff.


After both sides have gotten to know each other better only then are you able to discuss product specifications, quantities and prices with the Australian meat manufacturer and we at Scottwell International will be there facilitate the smooth running of process by, helping you clarify product specifications, communicating your product requirements and ensuring that these requirements are met, and negotiating product prices on your behalf.


Once an order is ready to be finalised, to grantee the safety of your capital and the success of your order Scottwell International will stand between your company and the Australia meat manufacturer. Almost all Australian Abattoirs do not accept Letter of Credit payments and require payments be made in advance via TT, Scottwell International will pay the Australia meat manufacture on your behalf and then accept your Letter of Credit payment thereby disposing of any presumed risk your company and the Australian meat manufacturer have.


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